The Iron Will

My name is Ethan Buck and I’ve been coaching and training people full time for over 6 years now.

I have performed over 10,000 hours of 1 on 1 attention with hundreds of different people and their individual needs, backgrounds and capabilities.

Over the years it has become apparent to me that I work best with men looking for help to become leaner, stronger, more muscular and just more confident & healthier versions of themselves.

Men that have been trying to navigate through a sea of confusing and conflicting information within the industry that I work in.

Years ago I quickly became one of 24 Hour Fitness’ top-ranking trainers, top 50 out of thousands to be precise, before I started my own business helping people online with nutrition, strength training & fitness goals, hormones, lifestyle changes & more…

I myself was close to 300lbs at one point in my life and always struggled with weight while growing up. I eventually lost about 100lbs very quickly which ran me into issues with hormones and my relationship to food and exercise.

I now have a collection of both experience and multiple pieces of education in the field of nutrition & training and continue to learn as much as I can.

What I do for people is much more than just calories, macros and workouts.

In order to succeed long-term we must take a full spectrum approach towards our needs and goals, meaning we must look at other components of our lives that may be negatively effecting our results.

This is where using an experienced coach can play a huge role in your overall success.


You can train online using our easy-to-follow programs (tested extensively on humans!), or in “real life” with Ethan.

My Story

I completely changed my life – but it was a long hard road. I’m going to use all that knowledge to ensure great results for you.


We could tell you stories about life-changing transformations all day long, but we’d rather let our clients tell you themselves.

About Us

What we do is simple: transforming lives through clear aims and achievable goals. We work with you to find the best individual path to success. Whether you’re 16 or 60, when you commit to the Iron Will approach you will see the best version of you emerge – body mind and spirit.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Ethan projected that with diet and an organized fitness plan, I could lose 100 pounds in a year. At the time, that seemed like a distant and unattainable goal, but any fitness was better than nothing. Exactly one year to the day that I walked into the gym and met with Ethan, I was down 100.2 pounds, and I'm still going strong!

  • I've been training with Ethan for over a year. I began to increase strength and conditioning and Ethan added goals of functionality, mobility and balance. In addition, he aimed to increase my bone density after I had been diagnosed with osteoporosis which required medication. My last scan showed such an increase in bone density to the point that I was taken off of my medication.

  • I feel in better shape than I have in the last 20 years. I have more energy than I can remember, I am much stronger and my flexibility has greatly improved. I can fit into clothes I gave up on several years ago. In fact I have dropped 3 pants sizes! I could not have achieved any of this without Ethan.

  • Ethan will explain that there is no easy route and at times training will be tough. He will explain the importance of posture and movement patterns. He will be honest with you because he cares.

  • I have worked over the last year with physical therapists and physicians, and they have unfailingly endorsed the work and exercise that Ethan has me doing. Ethan is very well-rounded in beginner and advanced training techniques and I highly recommend working with him.


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