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“No diet works for me”, “No workout program works for me”, “I’ve tried every diet there is with no results!”

Sound familiar?

These are common things I hear from many people on a weekly basis. Don’t get me wrong, I sympathize as it’s very frustrating to put in the hard work but not see the results. It’s just that what is often overlooked is the fact that wherever you are now, probably took you quite a while to get there. Lets take the example of gaining 40lbs over the last 10 years, we call this creeping obesity. It’s not that you’re getting old, and that it’s just what happens when you’ve made 10 years of poor dietary and lifestyle choices. Even if you think you’re relatively healthy, that body fat indicates otherwise.

So if you’ve gained 40lbs over 10 years, how long have you been consistent with trying to take some of it off? Did you try for a month and quit? Was it longer? 3 months perhaps? How consistent were you within that 3 months with diet and physical activity? And what do you expect to see within 3 months after 10 years of body fat accumulation? Maybe it will take another 10 years to get to where you want to be and you have to be ok with that. After all, you are essentially setting yourself up for older age with any health choices you make today.

We live in an age of EVERYTHING NOW. Amazon Prime, Amazon NOW, Google answers, impatient behavior, fast lanes, fast cars, fast food, food delivery, magic pills, photoshopped models selling you on how to “LOSE 10lbs A WEEK WITH MY SUPER HYPED UP, INTENSE WORKOUT PROGRAM AND FAT BURNING SUPPLEMENTS WITH ZERO SCIENCE BEHIND THEM BUT I CAN SELL IT TO THE MASSES BECAUSE THEY ARE DESPERATE AND LOOKING FOR THE EASY WAY OUT !!!!” bull shit.

Yes, a lot of things we have developed, such as the internet and quick, efficient delivery to your door step in X amount of time is amazing and we should feel lucky we live in a time of great technology to some extent. But the problem with people looking for this quick route of fat loss, muscle gain etc., is that our bodies have not evolved with technology. Our bodies are still very efficient at storing fat in times of stress or famine, and it doesn’t recognize if the stress is a tiger chasing you, or if it’s chronic, little stresses such as work, relationships, traffic, time crunches, finances, or constantly worrying about the fact that you’re not losing fat fast enough.

With consistency using the right tools, the job will get done. It’s bio-individual so we can not compare ourselves to others and we have to remember that it all starts somewhere.

Some times the tortoise wins the race.

Patients and consistency with the correct guidelines is the key to success.

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