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Dad bod is a term you here too often lately. The pudgy, overweight, beer bellied man that claims he is comfortable with his body the way it is because it is now appraised in mainstream society thanks to a shirtless picture of an out of shape celebrity on a beach.
Putting an unhealthy lifestyle and physique on a pedestal only creates a safe haven for those that once wished to become healthier and stronger men. This initial thought stays buried in the back of their minds somewhere but is neglected because the truth hurts. If main stream media says it’s ok to be fat because so and so has a Dad bod, then it surely must be ok for me too. Right?
This is not only unhealthy, but it is weak.
Let’s get to the health risks first as they are the most important. Carrying around extra body fat, particularly in the mid section, leads to several risks. This mid-section fat, (visceral fat), accumulates around the vital organs and is linked to coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, cancer and other chronic diseases. Not to mention a lesser quality of life. All of these risks are the things people are selectively choosing to ignore when they snicker and joke about their “Dad bod” while patting their large bellies saying “Yep, too many beers for me huh,huh,huh…”. These things are usually only looked at from, again, a vanity perspective.
Sure, you can be a good person with excess body fat. But is that who you really are? Have you neglected yourself from achieving your true potential as a man? If you are meant to be the provider and role model for your family or those around you, are you trying your best to do so? If this appraisal of your unhealthy body continues you may not be around to provide for the family much longer, not to mention being the role model that has given up on himself. Do you want your family to see you as the Dad that just couldn’t get it together to lose weight and become a stronger man? How do you expect your family to learn to take care of them selves if the man of the family can’t do it himself?
As men, we need to keep moving forward in life to set the example of what true masculinity is for those that look up to us. So what is masculinity? To me it’s always been maintaining the virtues that make a good man. Being capable of violence but controlling it, being the kind warrior, masculinity it is strength when you feel weak, it is getting the job done no matter what, it is providing for those in your circle or family no matter how exhausted you become, it is doing the right thing regardless of the consequences, it is honor, courage, pride and valour. It is what makes, and has always made, men men.
When we are fat and weak, our testosterone levels drop. Testosterone is one of the main forces of energy for men to achieve what needs to be done. How will you protect in a time of need when you are fat, weak and incapable of defense or violence. How will you stand your ground without a solid base to stand upon? Neglecting these factors is cowardly and shows future generations that it is ok to be weak, flabby and out of shape.
Is that the future you want for your kin? Is that what you want to lead with?

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